Paithani -Queen of sarees has the tradition of 2000 years. Paithan, a village in Maharashtra is a birthplace of this queen. Paithan is situated on the banks Godavari river. The creation of this saree started in the period of Satavahan Dynasty. Each piece required duration of 18 to 24 months in the old days. But now the things are different. Paithani’s pallu is its unique feature.
Golden threads were used in the pallu for the embroidery in the golden days. All the ladies from royal families used to wear Paithanis in the wedding ceremonies. Traditional paithani has buttas on the body. Pallus are adorned with the traditional motifs such as peacocks, elephants, lotus, flowers. Red, yellow, purple, green, Magenta are the common colours in which paithanis are available. Authentic paithani made from the silk thread is a true asset of a woman.
Now-a-days verities of paithani such as Kapani Paithani, Gandharv Paithani, Shahi Paithani are popular in the market. All the verities of Paithani are available at Valisha Silks.

Banarasi Shalu

This royal saree belongs to the sacred city Varanasi. A Banarasi Shalu is considered as a sacred attire in India. It is generally worn at auspicious ceremonies, poojas. We can not separate the two words wedding and Banarasi shalu. It is every bride’s dream to wear a Banarasi Shalu at her wedding.
This shalu in itself is a symbol of beauty, elegance, royalty. Heavy work of buttas on the saree are astounding. Pure gold and silver jari is used for weaving this shalu. The combination of vibrant colours like Red, Magenta with golden or silver jari buttas on the body of the saree is really breathtaking.
Woman’s wardrobe will not be complete without Banarasi shalu.

Nauvari Saree

Nauwari-a real glory of Maharastra state. Along with the time 6 yard saree has taken the place of 9 yard saree. But magic of the 9yard saree is still alive. At Valisha you can buy Rajmata Nauwari, Pathani Nauwari, Rajmata Nauwari,Kanjiwaram Nauwari.
True ethnic wear of Maharashtra with all the traditional ornaments (Saj, Khopa, Nath) transforms a woman to old times. Wearing a nauwari is a special skill. There are different types of methods to wear this saree. So, buy a nuawari saree today and make a ethnic addition to your wardrobe. Buy a nauwari and keep our tradition alive...

Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Kanjivaram saree- a journey with a rich historical background. Kanchipuram- a village in Tamil Nadu is a hometown of this beautiful saree. This town has a dynamic historical aspect of silk trade right from 985 B.C 15th century. Silk trade was started by the King of Chola dynasty, which took this beautiful attire in different countries.
Kanjivaram has a special place in the mind of every woman. Enchanting shine, rich woven fabric, golden borders, zari work of fine buttas i.e. dots caste a spell. This type has many patterns and one is not like another for sure. Temple architecture of South India gives the inspiration to the variety of these patterns. Carvings of leaves, animals and birds on the walls of South Indian temples is emulated on the saree. The distinctive feature of this handwoven saree - it’s pallu is woven separately from the main body. Then it is attached to the main body.
Now also, you can get this magnificent piece of work at Valisha. Which we will bring to you do directly from the lanes of Kanchipuram.

Gadwal Silk Saree

Gadwal sari is a handcrafted woven sari style in Gadwal of Jogulamba Gadwal district in the Indian state of Telangana. It was registered as one of the geographical indication from Telangana by Geographical Indications of Goods Act, 1999. They are most notable for the Zari on the saris. The sari consists of cotton body with silk pallu which is also given a new name as Sico saris. The weave is so light that the saree can be packed in a matchbox. The Brahmostsavas of Tirupati begins with the Gods idol being adorned with gadwal Saree.

Irkal Saree

Irkal saree is an identity of Karnataka’s Bagalkot district. Mostly Irakal is a nine-yard saree; but as per time’s demand now Irakal sarees are available in six-yards as well. Irakal is a mix of culture and nature.
The embroidery used on the Irakal is called as Kasuti. The features of palatial luxury such as palanquins, elephnats, flowers like lotuses are woven on the saree. Red silk with the white patterns of this saree gives a transforming look. You can see the patterns of comb, fortification walls, Jowar and Mountain range at the border of the pallu.
Now-a-days Irakal is in demand. This saree gives a woman transforming look.

Dharmavaram Silk Saree

Dharmavaram silk is known as ‘wedding saree’ of Andhra Pradesh. This silk made its way to India through Silk Route. Dharmavaram in the Andhra Pradesh is the home town of this saree.
Its double shade combination gives this saree a captivating look, typically yellow and marron. Very intricate golden borders adorned with bold colours capture your mind at the very instance.
Dharmavaram saree has created its imprint on the global fashion world. It has now embarked new heights with it’s bold and beautiful colour combination, beautiful weave. So, any woman who wants to make her own style statement should possess a Dharmavaram Silk in her wardrobe.

Exclusive Designer Silk Saree

A Modern woman generally prefer attires like salawar-kameez, formal suits, skirts, trouser for daily wears. But when it comes to ceremonial dresses her first choice is always a saree. Here at Valisha you can buy exclusive designer saree which will be perfect for a modern woman. Unique designs, extravagant colour combination, elegance these are the things one looks for in designer sarees. And our team of expert designers is always ready to fulfill this demand.
Our store designers create designs with regional works like embroidery, stonework, Kundan work, Gota Patti, zari and booti and also with the modern applique, stones, beads and sequins work. Our designer saree is a best blend of tradition and modernity. So, gift yourself a designer saree and add a pinch of glamour to your beauty!

Soft Silk Saree

Soft silk sarees are lightweight silk sarees and are the epitome of comfort. Soft silk saree is a fusion of contemporary and conventional designs and can be worn with more ease and comfort every day. In fashion, comfort doesn’t mean playing safe. It means you are given a choice to get creative with your taste. Our soft silk sarees online will help you find the perfect comfort style you are looking for. These soft silk sarees are usually manufactured with silk thread which is a perfect combination of both lustrous and subtle colors.
They make a perfect to-go wear for small festivities with them a rich and classy finish. Women of all ages prefer silk sarees soft because of their lightweight and the softness of the fabric. Weavers make sure not to use a lot of zari in soft silks to sustain the soft texture of the fabric. Buy soft silk sarees at Valisha Silks and look classy every day.

Brocade Silk Saree

Banarasi Brocade saree is a treasure that every Indian woman wants to possess. It has a very special place in her life. This saree found its way to India when the trade between India and China was flourishing. It came to India through the ancient silk route. This fabric was popular mostly amongst the royal families in Greece, Korea, China and Japan.
But when it came to India it became innate part of Indian culture. As you cannot separate the sugar from the milk once it is dissolved; in the same way you cannot separate Banarasi Brocade and Indian culture.
The artisans who are expert in weaving this saree are mostly from Banaras. For weaving this particular saree an additional set of weft and thread is woven. And it is completely made of gold or silver. Beautiful hand woven patterns of gold and silver is the special feature of Banarasi Brocade.
At Valisha you can get your own Banarasi Brocade which comes directly from the weaver’s handloom. So, you don’t have to worry about its authenticity.

Patola Silk Saree

Patola- a symbol of elegance, royalty is an identity of Gujrat state in India. Salvis from Maharashtra and Karnataka migrated to Gujrat in 12th century. They carried this art with them to Gujrat. This saree has now become an identity and status symbol in the state. Women from Royal Families wear these sarees with a flair. This saree is considered sacred. It is the hallmark of Gujrati weddings.
One can see the blend of traditional and contemporary beauty in this saree. Beautiful and bright colours of this elegant saree gives a woman a special look.
Weaving of a Patola saree is a very intricate task. It has to be done very carefully. To catch the exact design wrap and weft are tied. It gives the end result of patterns and colours. Natural dyes like lakh, turmeric, marigold flower, pomegranate skin, henna are used for the vibrant colour combinations.
Here at Valisha Silks you can get authentic Patola sarees from Surat, Ahmedabad.

Pure Katan Silk Saree

Katan Silk- Work of art of a real artist. It is woven by using two different silkfilaments. The process of manufacturing the Katan Silk is in itself peculiar. Ittakes 2-3 weavers and a month for weaving a single piece of Katan. Threads of different color’s silk filaments aretwisted together to form a Katan fabric. Due to its unique manufacturingprocess, Katan becomes more durable and sturdier. The combination of two different silk filament enhances the textureof the saree. Motifs from Mughal Ers woven on the saree enhance the eleganceand richness.
If you want to make afashion statement then Katan in your wardrobe is a must. Katan Butidar, KatanButidar Mina, Katan Brocade, Jangla, Katrawan Mina are different types of Katan.


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